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Ed Lampert is a Support Card in the Sears Card Game.

​Amount in Deck: 1


Ed Lampert is played after an Item Card is revealed, but before the player rolls to sell the item. Ed Lampert allows players to easily make large sums of money, up to $125 for a Fridge. However, the risk factor increases the better the Character's Sale Value. Below is a chart calculating the difference in chance to sell the item outright versus using Ed Lampert. As you can see, players with a 5+ Sale Value are ~56% less likely to sell an item when using the Ed Lampert card, while all Characters are at least ~30% less likely to sell the item using the Ed Lampert card.


   % Difference to Sell

Anthony Ferlito    30.56
Bobby Wasula     30.56 
Chad Klender        30.56
Duncan Silver 44.44
Eric Marriott    30.56
Jerett Smith     44.44
Joe Kostiw    30.56
Jourdan Alvarez        44.44
Linda Grose       55.56
Mark Pasqualotto            30.56
Matt Magee       44.44
Nick Lange         30.56
Ryan Drass     30.56
Sam Fruscione        55.56
 Mike Taylor         30.56